MPPT 30 Amp 12/24V Charge Controller

Country of Origen: Taiwan

Warranty: 1 year

​Price: $180

LEO 50 amp Charge Controller 12/24 V

Country of Origen: Spain

Warranty: 1 year

Includes data memory 

with Illuminated Screen 

Price: $ 350

MINO PWM Charge Controller 15 and 30 AMP, 12/24V

Country of Origen: Spain

Warranty: 1 year

Price 15 amp Controller: $45

​Price MINO 30 AMP, 12/24V: $ 60


Charge controllers are necessary for the useful life of the battery.  They protect the battery from over charging and discharging as well as controlling the battery charging process.

Astrotek offers the Mino PWM charge controllers from Atersa and MPPT charge controllers.  MPPT charge controllers charge the battery faster and are more expensive than PWM. An MPPT charge controller can also be used to charge a 12 V battery with a 24V solar panel.